Market of Sultana raisin

Sultanas raisin

Sultana raisin

Sultana raisins in Iran are one of the types of raisin that are produced in large quantities. This raisin is more popular in different regions of Iran such as Malayer and Malekan. Other regions of Iran such as Kashmar, Takestan and Tabriz also produce raisins, but Malayer and Malekan are superior in quality to other areas.

In the production of Sultana raisins, a solution that is allowed is a type of alkaline liquid which convert raisin color to green. This material is made up of a combination of green oil and potassium carbonate and is used to dry fruits such as grapes, peaches, apricots and plums. Raisins are priced in weight or kilograms, and all raisin producers determine the price of raisins based on the cost of raisin production.

Specification of Grade 1 raisin

Sultanas are obtained by drying grapes with a solution, and this solution is obtained with various compounds. These solutions are called hot, cold, and emulsion soluble solutions, each of which gives it its specific quality to raisin. The cold soluble gives green color to raisins and warm soluble makes raisin colors darker, each of which depending on the needs of customers, that which one of raisins are most demanded.

Grade 1 Sultana raisins have homogeneous features. This means that the grade 1 raisins should be free from pests, excessive moisture and all are the same size. These factors make the price of grade 1 raisins more expensive than others and have a hotter market in the global store.


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