About AVA


Ava Gostaran Farda Co. is one of the best manufactures and exporters of dried fruit and raisin in Iran and AVA is our trade mark.
Our slogan is “Trade without honesty will never win”.


AVA with more than 3 years of experience is one of the new corporations in the producing, processing, packing and exporting all Iranian dried fruit and varieties of high-quality raisin.
A.G.F co.  is a private company and our head office located in the Tehran. Our manufactures are located in the main raisin and dried fruit towns Malayer, Takestan, Tabriz and etc.
We work on a simple goal “Quality, Quality, Quality”. At AVA, we ensure that all our food products are of premium quality and satisfies the requirements of the customer. Under our supervision, the products are handled minimally, processed using the international quality standards and labeled according to the client’s requirements. Experienced human resources, the most modern technology, variety of products, marketing method are also some of factors effective in leading the company as a successful one in the present competitive market.
We attribute our success to the customers and we strongly believe in maintaining high quality and providing the best raisin and dried fruit to our clients who are spread across the globe. Our core values of sustainability, reliability and quality make us one of the most preferred partners in the food industry. We look forward to meeting the expectations and demand of our customers and serving them with competitive prices and premium quality.

🙂 We count on your support and assistance like as usual. 🙂