The best Sulphured dried apricot

Sulphured dried apricot

How to prepare different types of best dried apricot?

This is a question that may be of interest to the buyer due to its importance in quality of production. The quality of the product is one of the issues that is important in buying and selling various kinds of dried fruit, as well as dried apricot. Therefore, enough awareness of the issues that affect the qualitative process of apricot can be a great help to make a successful purchase, especially for the major buyer.

In general, there are two main methods for the preparation of dried apricot, which are often traditional and industrial. The main difference between the two methods in prepare dried apricot is use or not use of sulfur.

In the sunny method, Suitable apricots are arranged on dishes or cloths and placed under sunlight for a few days. In the sulfur method, certain amounts of sulfur are contacted with apricot before the apricots are exposed to light and in the open air. This action do in special rooms with smoke due to the burning of certain amounts of sulfur. This will make the apricot soft and its core out with a little pressure. The apricot is transported to the open air for final drying, and finally a sulphured dried apricot is produced.

The quality of the sulphured dried apricot depends on the amount and type of sulfur that used.


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