Export Iranian raisin to other countries

Export Iranian raisin

Among agricultural products, Iranian raisins and pistachios have a very good place to export.

A review of production raisin and global exports

Raisin is in terms of production after date, but it has a much higher position than the dates on world markets. More than 80% of raisin exports are made by Turkey, Iran, Greece, the United States and Chile.

In the world, the import of raisins is very high and it can be said that many countries import raisins, among them can be named the UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain and Kuwait. You need to know that Turkey and Emirates are also importers of raisin despite they are the production of it!

Iran’s position in raisin production

The history of raisin production in Iran goes back hundreds of years ago and it is interesting to know that Iran is ranked first in terms of diversity in raisin production. Due to the climates and conditions of Iran’s weather, it is one of the most susceptible countries producing varieties of horticultural products, especially grapes and raisins, which places Iran in the top ten most important countries in the field of gardening. Among the 85 grape varieties produced in Iran, white grape is used to export raisins.

In general, Iranian raisins are of five types, including:

  • Golden raisin
  • Currants
  • Sultana raisin
  • Green raisin
  • Sunny raisin

And they have a high quality for export to other countries.


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