Market of the best Iranian sultana raisins

Iranian sultana raisins

Iranian raisins

Selling grade A raisins is good for exporting to rich countries like Europe or the United Arab Emirates. We can sell Iranian raisins at the best price.
Malekan raisin is one of the most famous types of raisins that can be sold with good production and good profit. Producers in Malekan, one of the first three Iranian cities in the production of Iranian raisins, are working.
One of the raisins that allocates a large amount of sales is iranian sultana raisins. Selling grade A Malekan raisin has always been high on its quality and taste.
Malekan raisins are often used to export to European countries, and although they are more expensive than raisins in other Iranian cities such as Malayer, they are sold in high volume.
Of all types of Iranian raisins, the Sultana and Golden are very popular and can be easily invested.
If you are looking for a market for buying the best Iranian raisins, we will offer you the Ava Gostaran collection. This great company produces a variety of raisins of high standard and sells them in many countries after packaging.


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