Iranian standard dried fruit suitable for export

Iranian dried fruit

After having a quality fruit, the most important principle for produce standard dried fruit is to have a full-service workshop.
Workshop refers to a place where the fruit is cleaned, smoked by sulfur and dried. The workshop usually places where the fruit tree is located and disappears after the end of preparing dried fruit.

Workshop feature:

1. The workshop must have a suitable building or location for kernel cleaning.
2. The workshop should have a special place to dry the fruit.
The floor should be cleaned of any kinds of stones, boughs, rubbish and additional materials, and slope should be southward and its size be proportional to the size of the garden.
3. The workshop should have a place to collect and store the product, and the floor and wall should be made of cement or brick; otherwise, the product should be cast on a mat, or a floor made of wood or cloth.
4. The workshop should have a smoke cabinet with standard specifications.
5. To clean fruits before and after the core getting, there should be enough clean water.
6. Tools: tents, wooden floors (according to standard specifications) and sulfur
7. It is imperative to observe the cleaning and principles of hygiene at the workshop.
8. The workshop should not be built alongside the road, and even should be distant of the road.
By following all the standard principles, we produce the best Iranian dried fruit that is suitable for export, and we export it to all countries that demand it.


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