Purchase original Malayer raisin

purchase Malayer raisin

Malayer raisins are not required to be defined in the global market!
Malayer, located in Hamedan province in Iran, provides around 44,000 tones, equivalent to 20% of raisin produced in Iran and This city exports raisins to 34 countries in the world. All exports of raisins in the world is amount to 820 thousand tons, and 135 thousand tons equivalent to 16.5 percent, is related to Iran. As a result, Malayer has a significant rule in the global market. Malayer produces Green, Golden, Sultana and Sun-dried raisins of great quality, due to the favorable climate for grape production. The most target countries for exporting raisins are European countries, Russia, the UAE, Romania and the Maghreb.
Of course, many countries buy Malayer raisins in high volume and export it with their own name and brand, or even sell their raisins under the name Malayer, because Malayer is a reliable and familiar brand in raisin trade. Therefore, to ensure its authenticity and help to the producers it is better to purchase the original Malayer raisin directly from Iran.

Which type of raisin is the best of Malayer?

Malayer produces high quality raisins and is suitable for export to any country, we export it to other countries after washing and processing. Sultana raisins have a lot of customers in the world and our advice to the main buyers of this type of raisin is Malayer product because the raisin of this city have the both new and quality.
Malayer also produces a good golden raisin, but our offer is products of Malekan and Bonab cities. The Golden products of these cities are better than Malayer raisins and are slightly more expensive.
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