Produce and export original Iranian dried apricot

Produce dried apricot

Iran is the second largest apricot producer in the world

Iran by producing 432,000 tons of apricot after Uzbekistan, is the second largest producer of this product in the world. Also, during the year 2014, the value of exports Iranian apricot and dried apricot is 2 million and 500 thousand dollars.
Shakrullah Hajiyand, director general of the Department of Cold and Dry Fruits, said: “According to the latest FAO statistics in 2014, Uzbekistan by producing 547,000 tons of apricots and dried apricot is ranked first and Iran by producing 432 tons of apricot and dried apricot is the world’s second-largest producer in this product.
He said the export value of Iran’s apricot and dried apricot is 2 million and 500 thousand dollars and Iraq by importing $2,113,000, the United Arab Emirates by $238,000, Bahrain by 76,000 of dollars, Qatar by $43,000, Oman by $13,000, Turkmenistan by $8,000, Kuwait by $7,000 and Russia $3,000 are the most important export destinations of apricots.
Ava Company, using advanced and standard technology, produce various types of dried fruit, including apricots, and offers it on the domestic and foreign markets. Buy the original Iranian dried apricot and other dried fruit directly from our company.


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