Best Kashmar green raisin

Kashmar green raisin

Kashmar, is located east of Iran and southwest of Khorasan Razavi province and about 240 km from Mashhad city. The important products of this city are saffron, various types of grapes, raisins, and handmade carpets.
Among the raisins: Golden, Sultana, Green and etc. the green and yellow raisins are known as Kashmar.

Green Raisins

Cold emulsion is used to prepare green raisins. Which is a mixture of certain percentages of potassium carbonate and raisin oil (Australian oil). Add 1 liter of oil to 2.5 liters of potassium carbonate in 100 liters of water. After harvest, grapes are cleaned and plunged in the solution (20-30 seconds depending on the grape variety), then it hangs on wires in a hygiene area to dry. In this way, green raisins are produced and, if you want, you can use sulfur gas to make smoked raisins. In this method, the sulfur powder poured in to a small tray and burn it. In order to homogenize the sulfur distribution, the valves are embedded in the place, which, with its gradual opening and closing, creates an air flow inside the place.

Yellow raisins

The whole process of preparing this kind of raisin is like a green raisin which uses sulfur gas to produce smoked raisins. All the steps mentioned above…
We produce the best Kashmar green raisin with the highest technology and we will offer it to globe after packaging.


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